Website Design & Development

Superbia works directly with clients to design and develop websites as well as developing websites for graphic designers.

When working directly with clients we are adept at translating their existing identity and print design to an online context. For graphic designers, our design sensibilities ensure that their layouts are carefully implemented to the pixel.

Our websites are handcrafted using web standards. Separation of structure – the website content – and presentation – the way the website looks – ensures that your website loads quickly, is accessible to search engines like google and can easily be updated in the future.

We test our websites to ensure that they work in a wide range of web browsers on both mac and pc so that you can be confident that your clients are seeing the same website as you.

Our work

Hofstede Design

Website Build.

Detail of Hofstede Design's website

Superbia worked with Hofstede Design to implement designs for their new website as well as developing a custom Content Management System.

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Sally Brownbill

Website Design & Build.

Detail of Sally Brownbill's website

Superbia designed and built Sally Brownbill's brand new website.

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Designing with Web Standards

Designing with Web Standards [cover]

If you are interested in learning how web standards can benefit your business, Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards is a great start. Zeldman co-founded and directed The Web Standards Project and Designing with Web Standards is an accessible read for anyone interested in finding out more about web design.

Also published by Zeldman, A List Apart is a great online resource containing both technical and topical articles for people working with the web.